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There is so much excitement surrounding pregnancy and a new arrival, but no clear warnings about what happens when things might not go to plan.   I want to share my experience and walk you through my journey of motherhood and mental health. RML: Real Mamma Life is my chance to finally create the blog I've wanted to for years and a chance to be honest about the difficulties and wonders of parenting and how its changed my life.

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Women's Health - why the mystery?

Remember having "that chat" with your mum/dad/carer? I do. It came one Sunday evening, after we'd watched a nature programme during...

Breastfeeding: This mamma's journey

When you tell people you're pregnant, one of the inevitable questions is "are you going to breastfeed?" I'd always say that yes, I was...

A year of our precious boy Alex

Wow. One Year baby boy. 5 days old Where do I begin? I think I might have to keep this brief, because I want to write you a proper...

Coming Home - but not as myself

Almost as soon as I came around from the section properly, I said I wanted to come home. We ended up in hospital for a further four...

My Birth Story: Prepare for Everything

WARNING. I'm talking about my section below, please don't read if it will trigger you or you're worried about a future birth. I wrote...




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